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Range Plan for Oxfords Bakery

Hello Gemma,

Now the dressings have been rebranded I’m excited to share with you the Range Plan we discussed!

I understand the products that work in one shop might not work in the other, but hopefully this gives you some inspiration as these are amongst the best selling lines with bakery’s we work with, apart from the Rhubarb and Orange, that’s the new flavour we just launched and thought you might like it.

Lets plan a fresh looking range and get a tasting going to engage your happy customers when the sun is due to be shining.

Sweet Pickled Garlic
Regular price£4.95
Pickled Cornichons
Regular price£4.95
Capers Capotes
Regular price£4.95
Chipotle Smoky Chilli Nuts
Regular price£5.95
Siena Rosemary & Chilli Nuts
Regular price£5.95

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