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SUPPING SHRUB is made with unpasteurised, single estate, Dorset apple cider vinegar.

Fruit, Honey and Botanicals are steeped to infuse slowly.  Simple ingredients working together to create complex flavours.   They are incredibly versatile.

Shrubs are grown-up drinks. Non-alcoholic, not too sweet, with no added refined sugars.  Dilute to taste, we recommend serving over ice with sparkling water for a refreshing pick me up.  

Not only are they delicious to drink, they can be used in many other ways:

  • Use as a base for a salad dressing or tasty marinade.
  • Try deglazing a pan you’ve just cooked a steak in with a little splash before pouring the residual juices back over the resting meat, delicious.
  • Perk up your gravy with a fruity, acidic lift.
  • A couple of splashes on a fruit salad really makes it sing and dance.

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