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Olive Refills/Packs/Pouches/Top Ups - NEW FORMAT...

Call them what you will - we've been offering bags of olives ever since we first used an old Hoover to vacuum the bags from our first ever unit in Wilton in around 1994.

We've evolved them over the years and offered them in various configurations, weights and formats.

What with the current cost of Olive Oil and Olives we've had to take a good long look at these and show them a bit of tough olivey love and standardise the weights of both the olives and oil.

All packs now contain 550g of Olives and 50g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil so may or may not fill whatever container you put them in - they may even overflow - either way, the packs/pouches/top ups/refills are now all the same in terms of weight of contents.  Total weight 600g of lovely olives doused in a little extra virgin olive oil. Five flavours to choose from.

Oh, and if you're wondering why we've had to trim the amount of olive oil in them please do have a read here: Olive Oil Goes Bananas

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