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Loose Olives for Retail

Loose Olives for Retail

More choice, better experience, more sales

(…and lower maintenance than you think!)

A loose olive offering can be a great addition to a deli, farm shop, or food hall, providing many benefits for both the business and its customers whilst being surprisingly easy to set up and maintain.

The main benefit for shoppers is a transformation of their in-store experience, with improved freshness, customisation, and sustainability coming alongside a vastly more interactive shopping journey with an element of theatre and higher perceived quality and value.

Where to Start?

All you need to get started with a loose olive offering is:

  1. A small table (round ones work best)
  2. A selection of loose olives, pitted or whole
  3. Some Deli Bowls
  4. Deli pots & lids (ours are 12oz Vegware compostable)

If you're just getting started we'd recommend offering a selection of:

  • Pitted Kalamata Olives with Herbes de Provence (TOPK25)
  • Sunshine Rosemary & Garlic Pitted Mixed Olives (TOPCG25)
  • Pistou Pitted Green Amfissa Olives with Basil & Garlic (TOPBG25)

…and if you're looking to offer something a little more adventurous:

  • Sicilian Nocellara del Belice with a rich & creamy texture (TONO35)
  • Berber Mixed Pitted Olives with Harissa & Preserved Lemons (TOBM25)
  • Tart & tangy Aussie Olives discovered in Sydney (TOPAO25)

Our olives all have 12 weeks shelf life unopened and 3 weeks once open. Most stuffed olives have 7-10 days.

All of our loose olives come with a display card to clip to the bowl which shows the recipe, allergen info, etc. to customers and a calendar on the reverse for staff to keep track of the BBE dates.

High Impact, Low Maintenance

Loose olives really can be low maintenance, with our olives being both Ambient and Chiller-friendly with our special mix of oils. In our two Delis we store in a fridge overnight and keep them out for ambient self service throughout the day.

We don't worry about scales and instead we simply offer loose olives for a standard £5 per pot (with our 12oz Vegware deli pots). This encourages customers to mix and match and try new flavours, increasing the rate of sale across all of the recipes. We also encourage customers to try before they buy which absolutely leads to higher sales conversion.

In our experience in our own delis, offering loose olives alongside retail packaged olives has increased our overall rate of sale on olives by up to 10 times. High impact indeed!

Ready to Get Started?

If you haven't yet tried a loose olive offering at your place we'd love you to give it a try to see the benefits for yourself, so we've put together a starter pack with everything you need to get going:

  • Three boxes of loose olives: Pitted Kalamata, Sunshine Pitted, and Pistou Pitted (each 2.5kg)
  • Three Deli Bowls
  • 500 Vegware Deli Pots
  • …just bring your own small table!

If you'd like to discuss setting up a loose olive offering at your place or have any other questions, drop us a line on 01258 474 300 or or send us a message below… 


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